We are at your service – in Plain English

By Rachel Adamson, director of fraud and regulatory

In these days of digital communications and technology at every turn, it’s not surprising that one or two things are being left behind in the way people do business.

We believe some of those behaviours are important. And we believe in them strongly enough to have set up a legal firm that does some of those simple things well, all the time.

We believe in speaking in Plain English to you, our client, our business partners and anyone else we come into contact with. People are tired of long-winded explanations of what solicitors do for them – and paying for it.

To that end, we support the Plain English Campaign and we abide by their principles whether we are writing, talking or just chatting to our clients about our work.

Another thing that seems to have been left behind in the headlong rush for technology is service. We mean real service. Talking and explaining what we are doing. Spelling out the steps we need to take, what can be expected as we progress through a house sale, for example.

Indeed, we go above and beyond for our clients because we care. And that’s the most important quality we see vanishing in the business world today if we’re not very careful. We care enough to get the job done for you, no matter what it takes.

Yes, we do have the latest digital technology to help us and our clients. But not at the expense of personal, caring service.

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