Lawyers Incorporated Limited

Wills and Probate Price Guide

*Please note that all fees listed are ‘start from’ prices depending on the level of the complexity of your requirements and are all subject to VAT at the current rate.

Wills Services

Type of Wills Fee
Basic Single Will £150.00
Basic Mirror Wills £250.00
Complex Single Will £250.00
Complex Mirror Wills £400.00
Side Letters/Statement of Reasons £50.00
Notice of Severance £50.00

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) Services

Types of LPA Fee
Single LPA £300.00
Mirror LPA (Couple) or individual types £540.00
Mirror LPA for Couples (4 Documents) £820.00
Registration of Enduring Power of Attorney £250.00
Registration Fee per document
*Unless you qualify for exemption or remission

Probate Services

Types Of Probate Fee
Grant of Probate Application £1000.00 (£1500.00 if IHT 400 required)
Estate Administration £190.00 (Hourly Rate) (*)
Deed of Variation £400.00
Probate Court Fee £155.00 (Plus £0.50p per copy of grant)
Commissioners Fee £5.00-£14.00

Additional Information

Please note that in some estates there are fees to pay to values for valuing assets and notice fees for adverts in the local newspaper / London Gazette.

Tax may also be payable on the estate, but we are unable to provide an estimate of this until during the course of the matter. You will be notified of this at the earliest opportunity during the assessment of the case.

*Typically for estate administration, the fees tend to range between £2000.00 – £6000.00 depending on the size and nature of the estate. In the event of the costs exceeding the estimated provided, you will be informed of this as soon as possible. Matters only tend to exceed estimated costs when particularly complex and we do not have the full extent of the information to assess the matter.